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  Artist Statement  

My mixed media constructions reflect my interest in and use of abstraction to investigate narrative and spatial ambiguity. My imagery is cognizant of the familiar as I draw from my environment for inspiration; however, using the language of abstraction, I then recontextualize and transform the imagery into something odd and nebulous. By tuning away from the familiar and working in an area of uncertainty, I find opportunities for psychological or sensory probing and individual response and interpretation. 

The Arte Povera movement and Second-Wave Feminism have been influential in how I experiment with different processes and materiality. I employ these systems to activate personal connections, evoke cultural preferences, and emphasize how multi-faceted the ordinary can be.

Overall, the work is spare to allow small details to reveal their significance and create room for contemplation. Within a single work, I often explore the shift between the flat, illusory qualities of painting and the physicality inherent to sculpture, thus creating a rhythm that reflects the subtle movement between the cerebral and the physical.

Nicholette Kominos